Changelog v0.2.3

The most interesting changes are the following:
  • New security version for POSTing task_runs preventing abusing the system
  • CKAN backend performance improvements: polling now with JavaScript
  • Themes support: now you can easily customize PYBOSSA look and feel
  • Breadth First Scheduler improved: now users can only participate once in every task.
  • Refactor API and add three new endpoints: globalstats, user and token.
  • Allow admins to download a list of users in CSV/JSON format.
  • Fix CKAN key uniqueness in DB.
  • Load 20 apps per page (customized in the settings page).
  • Send categories to the front page.
  • Use Markdown as default for App’s long description field (with migration script for older versions).
  • Add a simple blog for each app where the owner can share its progress with the users.
  • Passwords in apps: the owner of the app can set a password so both anonymous and authenticated users are required to know it if they want to contribute to the app.
  • Background jobs: cache warm, large tasks import, email, etc, are handled now as job executed in the background.
  • Background jobs dashboard: admins can manage background jobs with a dashboard.
  • Audit log for projects: admin users can see the changes that a project has gone through.
  • Newsletters: a PYBOSSA project can now show a newsletter subscription page to a Mailchimp list.
  • Export tasks and taskruns changes: creation of CSV and JSON files for both task and task runs are now handled in the background regularly, and served as static .zip files.
  • Flickr importer: import tasks for image classification projects directly from a Flickr account.
  • Dropbox importer: import tasks directly from public files in a Dropbox account.
  • Apps are now projects: URL for projects have been renamed from /app/aproject to /project/aproject in all the code, both front-end and back-end, including database and API.
  • Plugins system: support for creating custom plugins and add them to a PYBOSSA server has been added.
  • PYBOSSA dashboard: see what’s going on in your server. REQUIRES POSTGRESQL >= 9.3
  • Add keyset pagination for the API: this returns results much faster than offsets.

For a full list of changes, see associated Github milestone.


The new security changes force you to upgrade your current server to make it more robust against possible attacks.


Please, backup the database before continuing.

In order to upgrade you will have to pull the new code, and then run the following command to upgrade the database:

source env/bin/activate
alembic upgrade head

Then restart your server, and you will be done.