Changelog v2.3.0

This new version adds a few cool features to PYBOSSA. Basically, it allows to use PYBOSSA backend as your crowdsourcing engine for native iOS and Android phone apps.

The idea is that those apps, usually have their own user base, with their own IDs.

As a result, you don’t want to force your user base to register again in another service just to help you with your crowdsourcing research. Therefore, PYBOSSA comes to the rescue allowing you to login those users in a PYBOSSA project using a secure token (JWT).

The process is really simple, you create a PYBOSSA project, you copy the secret key created by PYBOSSA for your project and you use it to authenticate your requests. Then when a user sends a Task Run you pass your authentication token and your internal user ID. As simple as that. PYBOSSA will handle everything as usual.

  • Add support for external User IDs.
  • Add JWT authentication for projects.